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26th Rare Earth Research Conference (RERC11)


Just added 8/12/11:

Thanks to Dr. Allen Alper, Editor-in-Chief, for providing this link to video of the Native Dancers at the RERC 2011 banquet.


Conference Program now available here.


Rare Earth Research Conference Attendees,

Bienvenidos a Santa Fe.

Program Chair Ana de Bettencourt Dias and I are looking forward to an exciting conference in the coming week with your active participation.

With this note, we would like to offer a few final reminders and suggestions to maximize your enjoyment of Santa Fe and RERC11.

The final program for the meeting has been uploaded and can be found at here.

For all oral presentations, you will be able to use your own computer on our LCD projectors. Please remember to bring appropriate adaptors for your computer and verify compatibility before the start of your session.

Weather in Santa Fe should be nice with highs near 80 F (28 C) and lows near 50 F (12 C).  Don’t forget that Santa Fe is at a relatively high altitude ( 7,000 ft; 2100 m ). So, be sure to drink plenty of water and use sun screen.

The Albuquerque International Sunport, the principal airport in New Mexico is 60 miles / 100 km from Santa Fe. Transportation options are described at

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me over the weekend

Safe Travels!

John Sarrao

RERC11 Conference Chair



Peter Caravan
Harvard Medical School
Keith Delaney
Rare Earth Industry and Technology Association
Jaqueline Kiplinger
Los Alamos National Laboratory
David Parker
Durham University
Chunhua Yan
Peking University











The program of the 26th Rare Earth Research Conference (RERC11) will integrate basic and applied multidisciplinary research centered on the f-elements. Leading science will be featured in the form of invited oral presentations and contributed posters on topics in f-element chemistry, physics, and material, earth, environmental, and biological sciences. Highlighting the program will be the presentation of the Frank H. Spedding Award for excellence in rare earth research.

The Rare Earth Research Conferences (North America) alternate on a three-year cycle with the International Conference on f-Elements (Europe) and the International Conference on Rare Earths (rest of the world). The 26th Rare Earth Research Conference in Santa Fe follows the successful 25thRERC at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in June, 2008.